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5 awesome ways drones are being used in 2017

1. Photography 

The drone photography trend is here to stay. A few years ago, we started to see drones in a new light away from war and terror because of all the stunning aerial photography shots it took. Not long after it was used for film, capturing footage of flyovers, 360 degree panoramas and car chase scenes. They have become so popular  that a new film festival has been created in its honor. 

2. Postal delivery

Amazon, UPS and even Ireland's local delivery service, Pony Express have tapped into another genius use of the drone. With select delivery drop zones and approval from air space controls, drones can deliver parcels of up to 10 lbs. So if you want to order take out or a dress for your night out, you can order and get it delivered in a space of minutes or hours at most. It's efficient and brilliant! 

3. Search and rescue

From monitoring for sharks at beaches to search and rescue missions, drones are being used around the world to protect us. In Germany, a drone brought a defibrillator to a man on a golf course having a heart attack and during the floods in Texas last year, drones served up flotation devices to stranded people. Search and rescue missions can be time-consuming, expensive, and often dangerous for the people involved. The use of well-equipped drones (with the help of heat censors) is increasing for these missions and could soon become a standard way to cover large areas of inaccessible terrain, especially at night.

4. 3D Mapping

Small drones may look like simple model airplanes, but they can survey landscapes with thousands of digital images that can be stitched together into 3-D maps. Similar maps have been produced by Military and other government satellites in the past, but emerging UAV technology can put that capability in the hands of small companies and individuals, to be customized and used for a seemingly endless variety of applications like hurricane relief efforts and maintenace of vast farm lands.


5. Hurricane Hunting 

Without risking the safety of search parties, drones are the best alternative to lunge into the heart of a hurricane or storm. This is why NASA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and Northrop Grumman teamed up on a three-year experiment to use to use long-range Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) to observe hurricanes and storms as they develop. These drones can drones can stay aloft for 30 hours and fly 11,000 miles (17,700 kilometers) with their 116-foot (35-meter) wingspans. That lets them reach and stay in stormy areas that planes flown by human pilots can't reach, to perform valuable surveillance.


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