We all know that exercise is great for our physical health – it keeps us fit and healthy and less likely to suffer from heart problems, diabetes, and a long list of other illnesses, but many people are taking up exercise for its psychological benefits too.

A Happier You 

Exercise increases endorphins, the feel good chemicals that are often referred to as ‘runner’s high’. Ever noticed how, no matter how bad you feel when you go out the door and start moving, 99 times out of 100, you feel a whole lot better afterwards? Exercise acts like a magic wand for low moods. Some experts even believe that in the long term it actually keeps mental illness such as depression at bay.

A More Confident You 

Exercise is great for self-esteem. Firstly, there’s the change you’ll see in your body, which will automatically make you feel better about yourself, but there’s also the sense of achievement that comes with it …the ‘I did it’ moments that you thought you’d never reach. Reaching milestones, achieving goals, pushing yourself further and feeling stronger every week will work wonders for your self esteem.

A More Sociable You

Taking part in sport exposes you to people you normally wouldn’t meet in your personal or work life. Meeting people from different walks of life, of different ages, and all with a common interest is a wonderfully freeing and enriching experience.

A Smarter You

Exercise makes your mind sharper, makes your responses and reflexes quicker and your judgement sounder. It also improves your concentration. Great news for your professional life!

A More Relaxed You 

Exercise is a fantastic stress reliever. Throw your worries into the intensity of your workouts and watch your worries fade away. Getting outside in the fresh air, getting your body moving, or simply letting your brain rest while you exercise is on par with meditation. In fact, exercise is a form of meditation. One of the added benefits is better sleep, which means a more rested, more relaxed and ultimately fresher you.

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