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5 Tips for Buying Your First Digital Camera

1. Shop around

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Mega photography houses and online retailers can throw a billion "hot terms" at you, sway your opinion, up-sell, and make it hard to really focus on your needs and getting the best tool for your budget. There are great retailers and people you can reach out to—just contact a photographer or friend and find out who they confide in for industry and equipment needs. These relationships will help you grow throughout your journey as any type of casual or serious photographer.

2. Give it your best shot! 

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Before you splurge on  a  fancy digital camera, you should give some though to why you're why you’re getting it. Do you want it to shoot street style? Parties? Holiday trips? Professional photo shoots? Nature? Making this important distinction will determine what lenses, lighting, and other equipment you will need to buy. Nikons create very colorful images and are good for shooting people and lush subjects, whereas Canons are great for shooting sports and fashion.

3. Don't get hung up on megapixels

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A megapixel basically contains 1 million pixels, but it’s somewhat meaningless to know that your camera shoots 10 million pixels at a time. What you want to know, and what the megapixel count truly tells you, is how big you can make your image without having to enlarge it digitally. Most digital imaging ends up being consumed on computer screens, and if all you need are new profile shots for Facebook, 1 megapixel will suffice. If you were shooting professionally for  billboards or a project that needs an big print, you would need as many megapixels as possible. But for a beginner, it is not an important detail to consider.

4. Be brave, try out cameras in the store

5 Things To Focus on before buying your first camera - Alison Courses

Before you make up your mind, go into a store and really pick up the cameras to see how it physically feels. Ask the shop attendant for their qualified opinion on the userbility of the cameras. Find out if the user system, menu, and grip can are easy to navigate, straightforward and are thye right fit fot the subject you are planning to shoot. If you've done all your research online, holding the cameras physically and testing out all the features, give you a much broader and better idea about your investment. 

5. Focus your investment on a lens

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Even though the camera body is very important, lenses are essential to giving energy, depth to your photography, whech in turn makes them stand out. To get the best deal for your money , focus your budget towards getting great lenses and start with a medium market DSLR. As this is your first camera, you don't need to spend a lot of money on one with more functionalities than you need or understand. Start with a modest camera, find your style and learn the craft. When you know what you want in the future, you can advance to a camera that has a speciality to your needs. 

Now that you have these guide, we hope it's given you the tips to make a more thoughtful decision before you buy your first digital camera - and save some money too! A brand new Digital Photography course is coming soon to Alison - Subscribe to our blog and be the first to know when it's out! 

Do you have any questions or tips to add? Tell us in comments below!

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