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Feed Your PhotoShop Know-How

Adobe Photoshop, for example is possibly the most utilized photo editing software available today. With a wide range of uses, PhotoShop can allow you to accomplish tasks running the gamut from editing batches of photos to designing digital paintings that look as though they were done by hand.

Today I'm going to show you ten cool things you can do with Adobe Photoshop. Because that's how I roll.

Adobe on Alison: Adobe PhotoShop CS6 Essential Tools

Make Mistakes Vanish

repair-photo-mistakes-with-photoshop.jpgMistakes happen whether you are a learner or a veteran digital designer or photo enthusiast.

Should your images have 'red eye', you can use the crop, eyedropper and enlarge wizard tools to modify and transform your portfolio. Sample color from the iris, and use a brush to paint away the red.

Restore Old Photos

If you love old photos, we have a tip you will like. Some photos simply don’t stand the test of time – they’ve got tears and cracks that do a number on their appearance. Simply scan the photos into Photoshop, then use the Healing Brush, Clone Stamp and Patch tools. The Healing Brush is particularly useful for this – it samples data from one part of a photo and blends it in with what is already there.

Create Text Effects for Print

Photoshop presents an expansive amount of things you can do with text. Use the Type Mask Tools to make picture filled text, and print them out for a T-shirt or picture you can hang on your wall.

Turn a Photo into a Piece of Art

Use one of Photoshop’s many Brush or Artistic Stroke filters to turn your photos into new masterpieces, then print them out on quality art paper to put on your wall.

Design Banners and Buttons for the Web

Photoshop comes equipped with a banner canvas with a predefined size for the web. You can create interactive buttons as well for the user to enhance experience.

Add Graphics to Videos

A number of professional editing systems allow you to import Photoshop’s .psd files straight into the video timeline.

Merge Text and Pictures

Photoshop has a number of image manipulation possibilities you can choose from to work with pictures, text and graphics. You can make covers for reports and books. Use the use“Layer via Cut” command to put the title text behind part of the picture.

Design Web Pages

Photoshop can turn your artwork into a complete web page. Simply use the slice tool to cut your work into pieces that can be easily downloaded, then use the rollover function to embed website URLs. Photoshop will build a complete page with CSS, links and the html file to power the whole web page.

Make Unlikely Things Happen

Use Photoshop to remove the background from one picture, take some elements from another picture and combine them with the background from a third to build a picture that couldn’t have possibly happened in real life.

Add Text to Photographs

Use the Move Tool to skew the text in order to fit the contours of the picture, adjust the opacity, and the text looks like it’s always been part of the photograph.

The Big Picture

Njideka Ezeh from Nigeria, Alison Graduate in Adobe PhotoShopPhotoshop is just one example of great Adobe software for graphic design, but there are many softwares out there for you to explore. If Photoshop interests you, take a look into other Adobe products and how to use them.

For example, Adobe After Effects allows you to use motion graphics, visual effects and compositing applications and can also be used for keying, tracking, animation and compositing.

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Adobe on Alison: Adobe PhotoShop CS6 Essential Tools
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