According to the Alexa web traffic rankings, Alison became the world’s busiest Irish-owned website for the first time last week (13/07/20). The worldwide lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic has seen a huge increase in traffic to the site, as people the world over use their enforced time at home to upskill and self-educate. Alison’s free online courses have provided millions of learners with the opportunity to put their time in isolation to good use.

During the lockdown, alongside courses ranging from healthcare to law, Alison has been providing learners with invaluable information on coronavirus. Alison’s coronavirus awareness course has been made available in over 55 languages and has been taken by hundreds of thousands of learners. 

Alison’s gain has been Ryanair’s loss, the website is generally the busiest Irish-owned website but has seen a drop in traffic as a result of the grounding of flights due to Covid-19.



“While I’m sure the number of holiday-makers will go up in the next couple of weeks, I’m certain the number of online learners won’t go down,” says Alison CEO Mike Feerick. “The lockdown has meant that people have had to make changes to their routines and countless people have found studying from home to be a change for the better. People are going to stick with online learning post-lockdown.”

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