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Posted by John Hargaden on Apr 2, 2017 1:00:00 PM

When you think about being self-taught much of what you know how to do is what you’ve picked up on your own - with parental guidance, sure, but without any formal education. From walking and speaking as a child, to using the device you are reading this article on, there is an endless list of skills that you’ve acquired through complete or partial self-education.

But just like any other aspect of our life, the process of being self-taught has also evolved with time. In recent years, e-learning courses have become all the rage. This new and advanced process of being self-taught allows you to sit and learn in the comfort of your chosen space and on the device of your choosing.

Today, let’s discover some the top-rated Personal Development Courses on Alison that you can learn online right now and enhance your skills.

1. Time Management

Time is money, and therefore you must understand how to manage it efficiently. Learning time management can help you create an elaborate plan of how you will distribute your available time between the various tasks so that you can make more time for things that are really important to you. It will also help improve your punctuality and professionalism.

2. Language

In today’s global economy, language can open up unlimited growth prospects in your professional life. Being bilingual or multilingual is an invaluable personal asset that gives you a competitive edge over others when the present scenario presents universal employment problems. You can select from a long list of foreign languages or simply take up a course that can help improve your spoken or written English.

3. Investment

make-things-happen-alison-learning-2.jpgAs the popular saying goes, it’s not your savings that make you rich but your spending habit. How and where you invest your hard-earned money can have a huge impact on your financial future. Learning how to invest right can help you make wiser choices regarding any money matters and build a financially secure future. Online investment courses will not only teach you the pros and cons of various banking products but will also help you get a better understanding of the stock market and other investment opportunities.

4. Achieving Personal Success

Success is something that we all aspire, but very few actually achieve. Alison’s offer a free online course on achieving success by Tom Kelley, General Manager of IDEO. The course focuses on helping every working individual develop and implement healthy mental habits. By the end of the course, you would have learned some amazing ways to gain greater knowledge and get one step closer to your goals.

5. Yoga

Does your job involve sitting in a chair all day long? A desk job can really take a toll on your back and overall health. To avoid a sedentary life that affects your health, you must embrace a physical activity that flexes your joints and gets your blood pumping.

Learning Yoga can be a great option with benefits beyond physical health. Yoga has been medically proven to have immense positive effects on our mental health as well. It helps keep our body physically fit and mentally active. Alison’s online course can help you achieve a healthier lifestyle by providing you a deeper understanding of Yoga.

6. Digital Photography

Online courses not only enable you to learn important soft skills but can also open the doorway to enhance your technical skills, especially if you don’t have time to enroll in a full-time course. Alison is developing comprehensive series of digital photography courses to help you learn the basic principles behind good photography. These courses are free of charge and will be released end-May 2017 - watch out for it!

7. Graphic Design

personal-growth-and-development-alison-2.jpgThis is another free online course designed for students studying graphic design or anybody else interested in adding it to their skill set. The course explores graphic design, industrial design, and the basic design processes. You can gain a good knowledge and understanding of various design elements and design principles such as line, shape, textures, printing, photography and 3D processes.

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