The principles and practices of Lean Manufacturing have revolutionised manufacturing and service industries in Japan and we’re now seeing their influence spread across the globe. However, those looking to learn Lean Manufacturing are generally directed towards expensive courses which require full time engagement for a couple of weeks or more. 

Now, exclusively at Alison, we have introduced a diploma level course on Lean Manufacturing principles which not only covers fundamental concepts but also engages learners in advanced concepts such as Cultural Change.

This Diploma level course on Alison includes chapters on the 5S System for Housekeeping, the Kaizen Principle for Continuous Improvement, the Kanban System for Production Scheduling and Quality Circles for Cultural Change. 


Every chapter discusses in detail the steps necessary for implementing the programme and teaches how companies can introduce such initiatives. 

With this diploma level course, companies can have their professionals trained in Lean tools ad programmes that help improve daily operations and also reduce various wastes. 

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By Alison Publisher S. M. Waqas Imam

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