As the world continues to adapt to combat climate change, the energy sector is undergoing more drastic changes than almost any other industry. The shift from coal, oil and gas towards clean energy sources is signalling the end of certain traditional energy industries. However the emerging renewable sector is producing countless opportunities for those willing and ready to adapt.

Renewables produce well-paying, high-skilled and secure jobs across a range of fields. These new energy sources require technicians, mechanics, scientists, IT employees and managers in order to function efficiently. If you’re interested in a rewarding and secure career in renewable energy, then check out these courses and careers contributing to a safer and more sustainable world.

1. Worldwide Energy Sources

This course is a fantastic primer for anyone looking to enter the energy industry. You’ll learn about existing sectors such as coal and oil and the traditional energy landscape. This is vital information to possess in order to be able to successfully contextualise and understand the shift towards renewables. New energy sources are considered under various headings, such as ease of access and how they affect the building industry. You’ll also gain valuable knowledge on consumption and the sociological debates around energy usage.

2. Alternative Energy Sources

A fascinating course on energy alternatives, this course covers electrochemical devices and fuel cells. If you’re interesting in the technical or mechanical side of renewable energy, then this course is a must. You’ll learn about how electrical generators convert stored chemical energy into electrical current and see how supercapacitors support high energy density. This is a science heavy course for those who already know the areas in which they want to specialise.

3. Solar Energy – Solar Technology and Its Use Worldwide

Despite its growing popularity, solar power technology is still relatively misunderstood. As it becomes an increasingly global energy source, skilled technicians and scientists who understand both the science and the engineering behind solar energy are going to be in high demand. This course also covers practical subjects such as the installation of solar panels on both domestic and commercial buildings.


4. An Introduction to Solar Energy Engineering

As solar energy becomes more and more common, the need for technicians and engineers capable of servicing both the panels and the derivative hardware will become as established as the need for plumbers and electricians is today. Both businesses and private homes will need their solar panels installed, serviced and repaired, creating a stable and secure new market. Like these other trades, solar panel technician is a highly skilled job. Get a headstart on your competitors by beginning this course now!

5. Introduction to Wind Energy

Wind turbines are becoming an increasingly common part of the world’s landscape as we harness the wind’s power to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels. While the basic science of wind turbines hasn’t changed from the logic of the windmills of the past, the reality of operating or servicing a modern wind turbine is a complicated one. This course will explain both the science and the technology behind the gathering and storing of wind energy.

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1. Solar Energy Systems Engineer

Solar energy systems engineers are responsible for the efficient operation and maintenance of the solar energy systems that supply commercial, industrial and domestic energy users. As demand increases, solar energy systems are going to be placed under increased strain, making this position a vital one.

2. Solar Energy Technician

Solar energy technicians oversee all aspects of the running and maintenance of solar energy systems. This includes monitoring the panels, assuring that the energy is stored correctly and making sure that the system is safe and secure for all other workers.

3. Energy Conservation Specialist

While expanding renewable energy is vital in the fight against climate change, it’s also crucial that we reduce our energy usage and wastage. Energy conservation specialists have a vital role to play in changing how we consume energy and reducing the energy that goes too waste. As more and more rewards are introduced for green business policies, energy conservation specialists are going to have an increasingly important advisory role to play in the private sector.

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