Soft Skills allow us to work effectively with other people, whether that means coworkers, managers or clients. These skills are fundamental to all workplaces and are an asset in any industry. However, sometimes we can overlook this valuable skillset.
It’s crucial to include your Soft Skills on your CV because these skills are often what separate good employees from great employees. Alison has a wide range of courses available to help you refine your Soft Skills and learn new ones, with certificates available on completion to prove to potential employers how Soft-Skilled you are! Here are six of the best:

Efficient communication is essential in any workplace. If we can’t communicate clearly then we can’t work together as a coherent workforce. Though our means of communicating are always evolving, the importance of clear communication has remained constant.

Leadership is not just about taking charge of a situation, it’s about reassuring those around you that things are under control. Leadership is as much about being responsible for others as is it about directing them, and is a vital Soft Skill to include on your CV.

Unless you’re a lighthouse keeper, the chances are your work will require you to work as part of a team. Being able to cooperate and work constructively with your colleagues is a must in any profession.

Sympathy and compassion are as important in the world of work as they are in any every other sphere of life. Workplaces can be stressful environments and so it’s vital that potential employers know that you have the emotional intelligence to navigate whatever situations might arise.


This is a Soft Skill that can really set you apart from other employees. While expertise and experience are important in any job, the ability to think on your feet and outside the box is also a huge advantage, and can often be what gives you the edge in a job interview.

Poor time management is something that no employer wants to see in an employee, as it can have an affect on the entire business. The flipside is that if you can manage your schedule efficiently, you not only improve your own work life, but you can improve the productivity of your workplace in general.

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