How Graduates from South Africa use Alison Certificates to Get Jobs

Are Alison Certificates Recognised in South Africa? The simple answer is yes! Alison is a popular free online skills and career development platform in South Africa. Millions of South African Learners have used our courses to learn new skills and advance in their careers. Like Ivy Makoni from Pretoria who used the skills she learned for free from taking our free Diploma in Clinical Nursing Skills course to secure a job as a nurse.

Alison Certificates are recognised by South African employers and have helped many of our Graduates to start their careers, find new jobs or secure promotions. John Taylor is a fantastic example of how Alison courses can help you get a job! After losing his full-time job due to the pandemic, John was able to pivot his career and start a new job. By upskilling in software and programming, John found a new career after working as a motor mechanic for over twenty years.

Ivy Makoni: “Alison opens the door to education for everyone for free.”
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Meet the Employers Recognising Alison’s Graduates in Africa!
Hazel Kendrick: “Alison courses help me to improve my teaching skills.”
Rebecca Melone: “Not only is Alison free but you can study from anywhere at anytime.”