Alison’s free online courses have helped over 20 millions Learners worldwide empower themselves through education. We have a proven track record of helping individuals convert enthusiasm and potential into exciting new jobs and well-deserved promotions.

With over 3000 courses, Alison is guaranteed to have the course you need to take your next important career step. We know that 3000 courses is a lot to choose from, so we’ve put together our 10 most popular courses so you can see what career paths are popular among our dynamic community of Learners.



Diploma in Human Resources

Human Resources is an indispensable skill, regardless of your industry. Being able to create and maintain productive professional relationships is vital for a successful career. It’s a skill just as important for the interns as for the managers. This diploma is definitely not just for those in the HR department!



Diploma in Mental Health

Statistics show that almost everyone will have to deal with mental health issues at some stage in their lives, either personally or through a close friend or family member. This means that being versed in the causes, symptoms and effects of mental issues is an invaluable life skill that could have incredibly important results down the line.


Food Safety and Hygiene in the Catering Industry

When it comes to restaurants and catering, food safety is the number one priority and something that you can never know too much about. Particularly in light of the pandemic, it’s more important than ever to be fully up to speed in the latest information regarding how safest to store and prepare food.


Diploma in Operations Management

The operations manager is one of the most important individuals in any company. If a business is going to succeed, then day-to-day operations must run smoothly and punctually, and the person tasked with that responsibility is integral to the overall success of the company. This diploma will provide you with everything you need to know about how to keep a business ticking over.


CPR, AED and First Aid

Being able to administer First Aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), and operate an automated external defibrillator (AED), are skills which are as important in the professional sphere as they are in the personal. Besides being potentially life-saving information, this course also looks great on a CV as employers will note that you’re both a compassionate and a pro-active individual.


ISO 45001:2018 – Principles of Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems

The International Organisation for Standardization (ISO) is the international body that coordinates the setting of recognised industrial standards around the world. One of its most important standards is this offering on managing health and safety in the workplace. This course will teach you how the standard should be applied and the benefits it brings to a business.



Diploma in Nursing and Patient Care

Nursing is a rewarding, in-demand and vital profession. The modern nurse needs to be skilled in a wide range of areas and have expertise in a variety of medical topics. This diploma is the perfect way to boost or refresh your nursing skills, making sure that you’re 100% confident when it comes to treating and caring for patients.


Mental Health Studies – Suicide, Violent Behavior and Substance Abuse

Over 70,000 students have already taken this mental health course which concentrates on identifying harmful habits that could be endangering your wellbeing. The course also covers the warning signs of poor mental health which can be noticed in yourself and others. It’s crucial that these issues are caught early and this course will provide you with the skills you need to help yourself and others.


Diploma in Project Management

If you’re pursuing a promotion and need to prove that you’re manager material, then this is the diploma for you. This course looks great on a CV as it covers a range of key project management topics such as analysis, planning, evaluation and design. Almost a quarter of a million Learners have taken this proven path to success.


Advanced Parenting Skills

Parenting isn’t just a job, it’s a dozen rolled into one! Parenting in the modern world is harder than ever before because of the unique challenges thrown up by the technology of today. This course contains a variety of acclaimed techniques to help you improve your parenting abilities and understand your child.

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