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Top 7 Web Design trends of 2017

1. Go Mobile!

Web Design Trends - Alison Free Learning 

The Internet has gone almost completely mobile, and most users rarely go a day without accessing it from their phones, tablets or other portable devices. With this knowledge, while you optimize your websites or online businesses for mobile use, proritize its responsiveness. You must take certain things into consideration such as what devices your audience browse on, fast loading time, navigation, context, content e.t.c.

2. Grid layouts & Card designs

Web Design - Free Alison Courses

First popularized by Pinterest, card design layouts continue to shape and influence web design trends and we will be seeing more of this dynamic grid style in 2017. What makes cards so appealing is the simplicity, organization, flexibility and responsiveness that they create. Grid layouts are particularly suitable for pages with an abundance of data, as they make the information more accessible and enticing.

3. People love a GIF! 

Web Page Development - Alison Free Online Courses

The human brain loves visual information and gifs have all the right attributes to capture visitors’ attention. Not quite a photograph but not a video either, a gif or cinemagraph benefits from the originality factor and doesn’t weigh down the website load speed. We can expect to see brands experimenting with this visually-driven trend this year.

4.  Interactivity

Web Design - Alison Free Online Courses 

Well-designed micro-interactions are extremely powerful and can define the entire product. Your content must captivate your user's interest and urge them to look further or stir their curiosity to browse further into your website to get more information.  If you fail to achieve this effect, rest assured that they will resort to visiting the more alluring websites of your competitors.

5. Pre-built websites

Web Design Courses - Alison Free Online Courses 

In a fast-moving design world, pre-built websites and themes like WordPress, Wix, SquareSpace and others are becoming most efficient solution. This is a trend that is here to stay, as it offers a whole lot benefits that enable designers and non-designers to save time and money. While providing a wide range of fast-working prototypes, they also serve as an excellent conceptual design tool and eliminate the coding hassle.

6. Minimalism

Web Design - Alison Free Online Courses

The easier your website can be used, the better. It limits distractions and offers clarity and clear-cut edges. People like an effortless design because it saves time. It also reduces loading times and can be easily adapted to fit all kinds of screen sizes - the minimalistic approach is here to stay. 

7. Optimized websites for wearable tech

Web Design - Alison Free Online Courses

Each passing day, the world is getting more comfortable with wearable technology. For the most part they come in either wrist or eyewear, but this technology is a growing market and this year we'll be seeing even more diverse contributions in this field. Wearable tech is bound to impact web design. As many websites are consciously optimized for mobile responsiveness, even more is to be done for this technology. It also has to be even more minimalistic, provide instant information and have bigger fonts. 

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