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As more and more people are looking to capitalise on the opportunities offered by the digital world, there has been a constant for skilled ecommerce marketers. But are the marketers ready to cope with the increased demand, perpetual pressure and ongoing advancements?

Digital marketers, and their employers, are always in the market for digital sales skills. Presently, as the digital world is undergoing massive growth, having the right skill set can help you easily land a rewarding job.

1. Search Engine Optimization

93% of online experiences begin with an online search. If a business needs to be found, it must pay attention to its search engine rankings since 33% of the traffic from organic searches go directly to the first listed item on the search result. Having a comprehensive understanding of search engine optimization can enable you improve a website's ranking.

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2. Content Marketing

In the realm of digital marketing, content is of paramount importance. It the factor that attracts visitors to a site and keeps them engaged to drive conversions. As such, creating quality content that has the power to captivate your target market and drive revenue. Those who are capable of crafting such powerful content can enjoy great success in the digital marketing arena.

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3. Video Content Marketing

A very recent and strikingly fast growing aspect of content marketing is video content. Expert marketing gurus predict that video marketing will account for driving 69% traffic in 2017 and beyond. Video content easily generates 800% more conversion an entertaining visual contents directly tugs the heartstrings of the viewers. If you can learn how to create and edit video that can win over the hearts of consumers, you can have a bright future in the industry.

Video Content Marketing

4. Mobile Marketing

In order to grow, businesses need to be where their consumers are and the current trends favor mobile channels. Smartphones have changed how people conduct business and enhanced the value of mobile marketing. Although mobile and desktop marketing have much in common but at the same time there are enough differences as well, which makes mobile marketing a much sought after stand alone skill. If you are able to understand the difference, you can add much value to the company and boost your career graph.

5. Social Media

Over the past decade, social media has changed the face of the marketing world and became the single most powerful tool to attract customers, and build engagement, brand and loyalty. More than one third of the global population is present on social media. Undoubtedly, businesses want to capitalize on this amazing opportunity to grow their presence and attract customers. Therefore, individuals who can leverage different social media marketing platforms to help businesses achieve their desired marketing goals are high in demand. Talk to, not at, your Customer.

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6. Marketing Automation

With the advancements in the digital marketing landscape, your digital marketing strategy is expected to deliver handsome results with limited time and resources. Although marketing was never easy or inexpensive, today the need to consider and adopt marketing automation solutions is paramount. Streamlining content marketing processes as much as possible is the only way to stay ahead of the game. The challenge involves optimizing existing resources through aligning and automating your email and social media content strategies.

7. Analytics

Alison Graduate Mbonimpa EricOne of the single most important, yet simultaneously an often overlooked part of digital marketing, is analytics. The skill to interpret results is indispensible today in order to harvest actionable insights from your channel data: social, web, mobile, online advertising. The power of analytics helps business determine the effectiveness of a plan and improve the same as well for better results. Analytics is one skill that can put your other digital advertising skill in the fast lane towards success.

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