We spend nearly one-third of our lives at work. This comes to roughly 90 000 hours of work during the course of your life. With so much time spent working, you want it to be in a career you love, can grow in, and look forward to. Making the right career choice requires lots of thought, time, and guidance. This is where the value of having a career guide for career starters and people returning to the workforce comes in.



Information about different careers is not always available. For younger students at school, there is limited awareness of career paths they can explore after leaving school. More mature individuals who are often already in the workforce also find themselves in jobs they may not be passionate about, unsure of how to make the switch and in some cases, experience doubt about if they too can make use of career guides. Alison’s Career Guide provides everyone, regardless of age, and level of experience everything they need to know about career development. Read on to understand the value of a career guide and who should use it and how ours can help you get on the career path of your dreams.

What is a career guide?

A career guide is a programme that’s specially designed to help individuals select the right career path. This is based on their education, interests, competencies, skills, and their professional choices. Career guides include an assessment, sometimes both qualitative and quantitative, of the learner to correctly identify which career options are not only available but best suited to them.

Alison’s Career Guide

Our free Career Guide is an all-in-one encyclopedia that tells you everything you need to know about different careers, the roles, and responsibilities in each job, and lists the specific skills and background you need to excel in that career. Our tool is unique. It doesn’t just tell you what you need but also recommends the free top-quality resources to help you develop the skills you need to pursue a specific career path. It’s a holistic approach to career guidance because it takes each individual from identifying their skills to equipping them with the skills through our courses, and finally providing you with the tips and know-how on meeting their individual professional goals.

Some of the information available in our Career Guide include:

  • Job tasks and responsibilities
  • Typical salary expectations in the US and UK
  • Work environments
  • Background and qualifications
  • Required skills
  • Lists courses related to the career and courses based on the job skills
  • Outline of possible career path

Benefits of a career guide

Our career guide offers assistance for launching your career, but also in choosing the right career, helping you land your first job and direct you in possible career paths and options available. We’ve put together a list of 9 benefits of our career guide.

  • Helps you identify your strengths, weaknesses, interests, and values
  • Helps you launch and set clear career goals
  • Offers insight into the world of work
  • Introduces you to unexplored careers
  • Offers methods to deal with various workplace issues
  • Learn (and unearth) new skills
  • Offers support in your job search
  • Broadens your perspective
  • Helps you make sound professional decisions

The list goes on. When you don’t know where to look, where to begin and what to look for, our career guide takes you step-by-step through the career process.

Who should use a career guide?

You’re never too old to make use of a career guide. Nor should career guides be limited to the walls of a formal school. The truth is everyone should use a career guide.

  • High School students: exposes students to career streams and reduces the pressures associated with making choices based on other people’s preferences.
  • Graduates: helps graduates discover the various routes available to them based on what they’ve studied.
  • Professionals: upskill themselves and learn how to redirect their career paths like a course in Supervision.
  • HR Officers: provide their teams with the right tools, access, and information on how
  • to best serve and advise them on their career. This also helps HR employees learn
  • how to manage and understand Behavior and Diversity in the Workplace.

There’s no doubt that every 9-5 is different. The people you’ll meet and have to work with daily come with different backgrounds, ways of working, personalities and perspectives. Take the FREE Alison Personality Test and get insight into your workplace personality, knows your strengths, areas of improvement and skills to develop by directing you to the right courses that will help you grow in these areas.

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